Konsultasi menjelang Assesment Center

Saat ini model seleksi pegawai sudah semakin berkembang. Dulu kita hanya sering dengar istilah Psikotes. Tetapi seiring berkembangnya ilmu pengetahuan dibidang SDM, seleksi pegawai baik yang baru maupun yang akan mendapat promosi semakin banyak tools yang digunakan untuk mendapatkan pegawai yang tepat dan sesuai dengan keahliannya, bukan angan anganny.

Assessment Center merupakan salah satu tools yang trend digunakan saat ini, karena dianggap level kompetensi seseorang dianggap paling mendekati dengan pengalaman mereka selama ini, atau yang pernah mereka kerjakan.

Nah, tentunya temen-temen saat ini yang sedang melamar pekerjaan dan pernah gagal pada tahap assessment center, atau yang mau mempelajari secara sederhana, kami akan dengan senang hati berbagi pengalaman bagaimana tip-tips mengikuti assessment center dengan lancar dan lulus seleksi.

Temen-temen dapat mengirimkan pertanyan via email ke karmana_wayan@yahoo.com untuk teknik selanjutnya dan biayanya yang mungkin timbul.

Salam sukses.

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Lahan Potensial Untuk Bisnis Properti di Bali

Bisnis Property saat ini sepertinya sedang mengalami masa keemasannya. Hal ini dapat dilihat dengan semakin banyaknya muncul atau dibangun perumahan, apartemen, hotel, ruko di berbagai daerah dan kota. Banyaknya supply ini, didukung oleh semakin meningkatnya akan kebutuhan perumahan dan tempat usaha oleh konsumen. Khusus untuk perumahan, memang masih sangat tinggi permintaannya, apalagi di kota-kota besar seperti Jakarta, surabaya dan Semarang atau kota besar lainnya.

Disamping faktor demand yang tinggi, bagi para pengusaha, investasi di property sudah pasti akan memberikan keuntungan yang cukup besar dalam waktu singkat, karena tidak ada nilai tanah yang akan turun harganya. Pasti akan meningkat dari tahun ke tahun, bahkan setiap bulan harga perumahan mengalami kenaikan.

Buat rekan-rekan bisnis atau pengusaha yang ingin mengembangkan usahanya di Bali, kami menawarkan beberapa lahan yang sangat strategis untuk dikembangkan menjadi tempat usaha, hotel, apartemen atau villa yang sudah pasti akan memberikan keuntungan besar di kemudian hari. Diantaranya:

1. Gianyar, Pantai Ketewel: luas tanah 1800 M2, harga Rp 11 M

2. Tanah luas 250 M2 dan 600 M2 di jalan toyaning 2 Uluwatu, sebelah Puri Bendesa Resort harga Rp 1,2 M dan Rp 2,7 M

3. Tanah di jalan Batur sari, Sanur, Denpasar, sudah ada gudang luas 290 M2, harga Rp 3.2M

4. Tanah di jalan Tukad Balian, utaranya stikes (nempel) masuk dari jalan utama 20 meter saja ada kontruksi lantai 2 gratis +gambar 2 unit rumah 775jt per are.

4. Di Jalan utama depan Bali Pecatu Graha, luas 220 M2, harga 1M

5. Seminyak: jalan bidadari seminyak, akses jalan 10mtr, luas 9850 M2are, harga 122 M.

Dan beberapa lokasi strategis lainnya.
Jika tertarik dengan lokasi tersebut, atau berkeingin untuk mengembangkan propertinya di Bali, dapat menghubungi kami melalui email : villakambojalegian@gmail.com atau sms ke +6287888818368.

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10 Lessons Every Entrepreneur Must Learn

By Jayson DeMers


Founder and CEO, AudienceBloom

September 8, 2014

As entrepreneurs, we all follow our own path. For some, the rise to financial success is a long, slow, painful process. For others, things just seem to magically fall into place. I believe that the latter isn’t a result of magic, however, but is the sure sign of an entrepreneur who understands the importance of learning from, adapting to and growing with their business.

The following are 10 lessons every entrepreneur must learn in order to build a long-term, healthy and sustainable business.

1. The customer is not always right. From day one, we’re told that “the customer is always right.” We’re expected to bend over backwards to please every single customer, even when they’re clearly and painfully wrong. This maxim, however, can do a serious disservice to ourselves, our employees and our customers. Give your customers the benefit of the doubt, but not at the expense of your (or your employees’) dignity.

2. Time is money. Money, customers, ideas: all resources you can potentially gain more of. Time, however, is the one commodity you’ll always have a finite amount of. One way to ensure you make the most of your time is to assign an hourly dollar amount to your tasks.

Ask yourself: What would be a fair wage for the tasks I perform? If someone else can competently accomplish these tasks for less money, let them do it so you can focus on higher level, revenue-generating tasks. As a business owner, you should only do the tasks that only you can do.

3. Not all money is good money. This is a lesson many entrepreneurs struggle with early in their career. When you’re getting your business off the ground, it’s easy to fall into the trap of taking money from anyone who offers it. The problem is, not all customers or clients are worth it.

Avoid clients who take up too much of your time, who consistently have unrealistic expectations or who you just generally dread working with. It’s just not worth it!

4. There are no cheap shortcuts in marketing. I often speak to business owners who want marketing advice, but who then shun my recommendations as being “too expensive.” The truth is, cheap marketing can make your brand look cheap.

Low-quality content, cheap ads and “budget” SEO may save you money in the short term, but the damage they do to your brand’s reputation can last far longer. For insight on how to market the right way, see my ebook.

5. Outsource as much as possible. If you don’t have in-house staff to share the workload, consider outsourcing. Many entrepreneurs find that hiring an overseas virtual assistant significantly reduces the time they need to spend on routine tasks, freeing them up to work on revenue-generating tasks.

6. Build your personal brand as well as your company brand. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of focusing on building their company brand to the exclusion of building their personal brand. However, your personal brand will differentiate you from your competitors, give you authority and credibility in your field, and stick with you in the event your company ultimately experiences failure.

For some practical tips, see my article, How to Grow Your Personal Brand with Your Content Strategy.

And while there’s been a lot of talk over the years about work-life separation or work-life balance, our whole thing is about work-life integration. Because it’s just life — and the ideal would be if you can be the same person at home as you are in the office and vice versa. — Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.com

7. Work is life, and life’s too short to hate your work. Work-life balance is something many entrepreneurs struggle with, which is why I’m such a huge fan of Tony Hsieh’s approach. When you’re passionate about what you do, and when you focus on happiness (both your own and that of your employees’), work isn’t just something you do to fund your “real life.” It becomes infinitely more enjoyable and meaningful, and significantly

9. Best practices may not be best for your customers. Particularly when you’re just starting a business, it’s easy to get caught up in doing what others tell you is the “best way” to do something. Problem is, “they” don’t know your customers or clients. Use best practices as a starting point, but adapt them to meet the unique needs of your business and customers.

Analysis paralysis or simply the lack of ability to execute a plan will stifle growth, innovation and progress in any business. Even if the payoff for work done now won’t come for years. Successful people do the work anyway because they know how to delay gratification, and this ability is what separates successful people from unsuccessful people, according to renowned physicist and author Michio Kaku.

8. Hire people who are smarter than you. Face it: There will always be people who are smarter than you. If you’re lucky enough to find these people, hire them. Focus on the things that you’re best at, and give them the freedom to do the same.

10. Just do it. Planning, strategizing and weighing options all have important roles within a business. But there comes a point in time when you just have to do it. You know the quote: “Better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing perfectly.”

Analysis paralysis or simply the lack of ability to execute a plan will stifle growth, innovation and progress in any business. Even if the payoff for work done now won’t come for years. Successful people do the work anyway because they know how to delay gratification, and this ability is what separates successful people from unsuccessful people, according to renowned physicist and author Michio Kaku.

There you have it: 10 lessons every entrepreneur must learn in order to build a profitable and sustainable business. Not easy lessons, to be sure, but ones that ensure the best possible chance of long-term success.

What would you add to the list? Share in the comments section below!

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Inilah Orang terkaya no 4 di dunia tahun 2013, Warren Buffet memberi nasehat:

“Jauhkan dirimu dari pinjaman bank atau kartu kredit dan berinvestasilah dengan apa yg kau miliki, serta ingat :

1. Uang tidak menciptakan manusia, manusialah yang menciptakan uang.

2. Hiduplah sederhana sebagaimana dirimu sendiri.

3. Jangan melakukan apapun yang dikatakan orang, dengarkan mereka, tapi lakukan apa yang baik saja.

4. Jangan memakai merk, pakailah yang benar˛ nyaman untukmu.

5. Jangan habiskan uang untuk hal-hal yang tidak benar-benar penting.

6. With money:
You can buy a house, but not a home.
You can buy a clock, but not time.
You can buy a bed, but not sleep.
You can buy a book, but not knowledge.
You can get a position, but not respect.
You can buy blood, but not life. So find your happiness inside you.

7. Jika itu telah berhasil dalam hidupmu, berbagilah dan ajarkanlah pada orang lain.

“Orang Yang Berbahagia Bukanlah Orang Yang Hebat Dalam Segala Hal, Tapi Orang Yang Bisa Menemukan Hal Sederhana Dalam Hidupnya dan Mengucap Syukur”

Semoga bisa menjadi orang yang berkelimpahan. Berlimpah iman, ilmu, amal, harta dan manfaat untuk sesama. Aamiin.

*Silahkan diaminkan, semoga Allah mengabulkan
*Silahkan dibagikan/share. Moga bermanfaat

Copas dr FB Setia Furqon Kholid

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agus wedding


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5 Things I Learned Growing $2,000 Into a Multi-Million Dollar Business

By Fredrik van Huynh⁠|⁠May 22, 2014

In Spring, 2008, I spent my exchange semester studying in Osaka, Japan. Three of my American classmates were looking for summer internships. As I had spent my previous semester in Shanghai making friends with interns who worked at Heineken and the Beijing Olympics, I managed to help my classmates by connecting them with companies in China.

A few months later, I graduated from Jonkoping International Business School in Sweden. I was 23 years old, in the diamond industry and decided to move to the Thailand. Paradise on earth! One day I looked at my bank account and saw $1,998. I recalled my time in Japan and thought how easy it would be if you could just apply up for an internship and go to China with your housing, visa and friends organized.

My parents told me I had to burn all my bridges to truly succeed. I bought a laptop and a one-way ticket to China. I burned all my bridges and have never looked back.  

Five years and four global offices later, I’m running a multi-million dollar business. My journey has taught me vital lessons for an entrepreneur to live by.

1. Learn foreign languages. I speak seven languages, a tremendous advantage compared to our competitors. It is much easier to understand foreign markets and cultures. I communicate with local vendors and business partners without any problems. People appreciate and respect you when, literally, speak their language. Thanks to my language skills, I’ve developed relationships with important business people who others could not. Join a language course today. It’ll be worth your time and money.

2. Treat everyone with respect.  Not everybody in the global business world is doing business the same way as you. Be open-minded to other cultures and “when in Rome, do as the Romans do.”  Too many entrepreneurs put on an act when they meet important business people and treat everyone else with less respect. Every single contact knows another contact, so treat a CEO the same way as a waiter. I see them both as potentially important contacts. People judge actions more than words.

3. Move fast. A start-up has to move as fast as a mouse or get crushed by an elephant. If you come up with an idea today, act on it today. Don’t wait. Every day somebody is waking up with the sole purpose of running you out of business. Procrastination is your enemy.

4. Love what you do. I meet so many people, from investment bankers to marketers, who don’t enjoy what they are doing. You can never be truly great unless you really love what you do. Every day, wake up with a smile and enjoy every second. Don’t live a wasted life. Love every second and, if you don’t, do something else.

5. Be 24/7. Opportunities are lost while dining with your friends or out in a bar. Once, I was invited for a live interview on Fox-TV business news but, as it took me 12 hours to respond, they canceled on me. My iPhone is on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. My colleagues know they can reach me at 5 am as well as at 11 pm. Be connected and keep your phone on 24/7. Answer emails in real-time. That’s the only way to get an edge running a fast growing start-up in different time zones.

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Sebuah Renungan

Untuk direnungkan: Konon survey membuktikan:

1. Sebuah smartphone, 70% fiturnya tidak terpakai (mubazir).

2. Sebuah mobil mewah, 70% speednya mubazir.

3. Sebuah villa mewah, 70% luasnya dibiarkan kosong.

4. Sebuah Universitas, 70% materi kuliahnya tidak dapat diterapkan.

5. Seabreg kegiatan sosial masyarakat, 70% nya iseng tidak bermakna.

6. Pakaian dan peralatan dalam sebuah rumah, 70%nya nganggur tidak terpakai.

7. Seumur hidup cari duit banyak, 70% nya dinikmati ahli waris.”Hidup ini seperti pertandingan bola” Babak Pertama adalah masa muda. Menanjak karena Pengetahuan, Kekuasaan, Jabatan, Usaha Bisnis, dsb.

Babak kedua adalah masa tua. Menurun karena Darah Tinggi, Trigliserid, Gula Darah, Asam Urat, Kolestrol…. dsb.Semoga kita selalu Waspada dari babak Awal hingga Akhir, dan ending dengan kemenangan….

Karena itu :Tidak Sakit Juga Harus Check Up,

Tidak Haus juga harus Minum.

Tidak Galau juga Harus Cari Solusi,
Benar Juga Harus Mengalah.

Powerfull juga Perlu Merendah,

Tidak Cape pun Perlu Rehat.
Tidak kaya pun Perlu Bersyukur,

Sesibuk Apa pun Juga Perlu Olahraga.

Sadarlah, Hidup itu Pendek, pasti ada Saatnya Finish!

Jangan tertipu dengan usia MUDA, karena syarat mati tidak harus TUA !

Jangan terpedaya dengan tubuh dan badan SEHAT, karena syarat mati tidak mesti SAKIT.

Teruslah berbuat baik, berkata baik, memberi nasihat yang baik, walaupun tidak banyak orang yg memahamimu.

Jadilah seperti jantung, dia tidak terlihat,tetapi terus berdenyut setiap saat hingga membuat kita terus hidup sampai akhir hayat.
AJAL Tak Mengenal Waktu, Usia, jadi… Terus Berbuat Baik dan jangan menyusahkan orang serta jangan lupa menikmati hidup.

Di Ulang Jangan Lupa menikmati Hidup.

Seperti yg di amanatkan oleh Shree Krisna kepada Arjuna.

By Anonim

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Disebuah desa kecil dilereng pegunungan ada seorang penasehat yg bijaksana.

Suatu hari seorang wanita yg putra satu-satunya telah meninggal, mendatangi penasehat tersebut dan bertanya,
“Kekuatan apa yg anda miliki yg dapat mengobati rasa kecewa & sakit hatiku?”

Ketika sang penasehat itu telah mendengar semua kisah hidup wanita ini, ia berkata;
“Ada nyonya, tapi syarat pertama anda harus membawakan saya segenggam benih padi dari sebuah keluarga yg tdk memiliki masalah.”

Wanita itu segera pergi kesebuah rumah gedung termewah didesa itu,
berpikir tentu tdk ada yg salah dirumah ini.
Setelah ia menemui pemilik rumah, ia mendengar cerita hal yg sebaliknya, tuan rumah menceritakan ada banyak masalah yg jauh lebih besar yg belum pernah ia dngr.

Lalu ia datang kerumah yg lain:
Jawab penghuni rumah:
oh anda datang kerumah yg salah.

Setelah ia mengunjungi berpuluh rumah ia tetap tak dapat menemukan keluarga yg tdk memiliki masalah.

Setelah sebulan ia kembali ke penasehatnya: “Maaf Bapak saya TiDaK menemukan keluarga yg tidak memiliki masalah”

“Malahan saya banyak menasehati dan menguatkan beberapa keluarga yg begitu menyedihkan.”

Penasehat itu bertanya :
“Apakah hatimu masih sakit?”
Sambil tersenyum ia menjawab: “Tidak lagi, setelah saya tau org yg NAMPAKNYA bahagia ternyata ia memiliki masalah yg jauh lebih banyak dari saya”.

Banyak org TERJEBAK pada pola pikirnya sendiri, sehingga ia MERASA menjadi org yg paling malang, tidak seperti org lain yg kelihatan begitu bahagia.
Kadang kita begitu sibuk memikirkan diri kita sendiri & terlalu sibuk menjumlah kesulitan-kesulitan sehingga kita LUPA menghitung berkah dan segala kebaikan yg telah kita terima dari Yang Maha Pencipta…

By anonim

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Starting a Consulting Firm? 10 Reasons Your Clients Need You.

By Entrepreneur Press⁠|⁠April 28, 2014

In Start Your Own Consulting Business, the staff at Entrepreneur Press and writer Eileen Figure Sandlin explain how you can start a profitable consulting business, no matter whether your consulting business will focus on HR placement, computer troubleshooting, or anything else you can dream up. In this edited excerpt, the authors discuss just what skills companies are looking for when hiring a consultant and which consulting gigs are hot in today’s market.

It wasn’t until the 1950s that consultants began to emerge in the business world. Until then, consultants could be found mainly in the legal, finance and employment fields. Then in the early 1960s, the U.S. economy changed from production- to service-oriented, which proved to be the perfect incubator for a new comprehensive consulting industry. Happily, by positioning themselves as experts in their particular fields, consultants found themselves in great demand by companies that needed help but couldn’t justify increasing their payroll to get it.

According to industry experts, here are the top 10 reasons organizations hire consultants today:

1. To obtain specific expertise. Clients typically hire people who have the skills and expertise their own staff lacks, so it really pays to have a track record that speaks for itself.

2. To identify problems. Sometimes employees are too close to a problem inside an organization to recognize it. That’s when a consultant rides in on his or her white horse to save the day.

3. To supplement a company’s internal staff. Sometimes business executives discover they can save thousands of dollars a week by hiring consultants when needed rather than hiring full-time employees. They also can save additional money because consultants don’t need benefits. So even though a consultant’s fees are generally higher than an employee’s salary, over the long haul, a consultant tends to be a less expensive option.

4. To act as a catalyst for change. No one likes change, especially corporate America. But when change is needed, a consultant generally can do things without worrying about the corporate culture, employee morale, or other issues that tend to elicit high emotions and dissention in the ranks.

5. To be an objective onlooker. Besides seeing problems from a different perspective than internal staff does, a good consultant provides a fresh, objective viewpoint, then delivers results without being concerned about what workers in the organization might think about the results and how they were achieved.

6. To teach. If you have special skills and knowledge, someone will pay you to pass on that knowledge. As a result, it’s very important for you to stay abreast of advances and developments in your chosen field so information can be passed on to clients knowledgeably and authoritatively.

7. To do a company’s “dirty work.” Let’s face it: No one wants to be the person who has to make staff or program cuts. An impartial outside consultant is the perfect person to handle such unpleasant tasks.

8. To bring new life to an organization. Many consultants are retained as idea starters and innovative thinkers. If you’re a subject matter expert who can think on your feet, you can help a company retool or reinvent itself.

9. To assist with a business launch. Business development consultants are in high demand by entrepreneurs and visionaries who wish to leave the groundwork–and grunt work–to someone else. In this role, a consultant may also assist with the day-to-day operations of the new venture.

10. To share contacts. If you know the movers and shakers in business, or have big business or manufacturing contacts abroad, someone will probably want to tap into that knowledge.

Although you can consult in just about any field these days, business consulting firm Attard Communications says that the types of consulting businesses that are thriving today include:

Accounting. Businesses of all sizes–and especially small businesses–need everything from bookkeeping to tax preparation, making this a solid career choice for a new consultant.

Advertising. An advertising consultant may be needed to develop strategic ad campaigns, write copy and make ad buys.

Career. Widespread corporate downsizing has created a need for consultants who can help job seekers reinvent themselves, polish their resumes, and otherwise make themselves irresistible to employers.

Computer consulting. Consultants who are well versed in web page and blog development, software and hardware installation and troubleshooting, internet marketing, and other things cyber-based can build a viable business.

Education. From finding scholarship money and advising kids who are writing their college applications to assisting school districts with budgetary issues and other matters, an education consultant may find themselves in great demand these days.

Executive search. No matter whether the economy is in recession or booming, headhunters (aka executive search consultants) are always in demand.

Human resources. Corporations often need help with personnel issues like conflict resolution, violence in the workplace, sexual harassment awareness and other people matters–not to mention those downsizing issues mentioned earlier.

Insurance. Advising people about their insurance needs and finding the best policies at the best price remains a field with strong opportunities for new consultants.

Management. Fresh ideas on how to manage a business better are always in demand, especially when a company is facing challenging economic times.

Public relations. Companies thrive on press coverage that puts them in the best possible light, and the consultant who has the tools and contacts to get such coverage can be invaluable.

Other fields with strong possibilities for fledgling consultants include corporate communications, graphic design, editorial writing, marketing, motivational speaking, payroll management, strategic planning and tax advising.

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Pelangi di langit jakarta


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